7 home remedy for high blood pressure patient.


 People who have high blood pressure For them, we are telling them some effective home remedies that will help to get rid of this problem -

 1. To avoid the problem of high blood pressure, 2 buds of garlic should be chewed with empty stomach water in the morning. If there is a problem in chewing then you can drink 5-6 drops of garlic juice in 20 ml water.

2. Fenugreek and celery water can also be beneficial for high blood pressure patients. For this, soak in a spoonful of fenugreek and celery powder and then drink this water in the morning.

3. Triphala can also be used to get relief from high blood pressure. For this, soak 20 grams of Triphala in water and keep it for the night, then filter this water in the morning and drink 2 teaspoons of honey in it.

4. In addition to the home remedies, high blood pressure patients need to change their lifestyle. From sleep to yoga Should have a time limit.

5. Massage the oil on the whole body 3-4 times in 5 weeks, it provides better blood circulation. 

6. To overcome stress, do pranayama. 

7. High blood pressure should be kept low in the amount of salt in the food. 8 Mixing turmeric and cinnamon together in the milk will also benefit.
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