Shine your teeth like a diamond.

Even though the face is beautiful but the real beauty comes from the smiling face, and the smile only looks beautiful when the teeth look clean. If the yellowness is deposited on the teeth, the beauty of the smile diminishes. We are telling you the effective recipe for removing the yellowing of teeth, for that you have to use 'Apple cider vinegar' which means apple vinegar.

You must have heard about apple vinegar. Well, there are many surprising advantages, but at the moment, they talk about how it can remove the yellowing of your teeth. Apple vinegar is able to clean your teeth with deepness and softness. Even with your acidity, the pH remains the same, and the teeth appear to be more clean, white and shiny than before.

Not only this, but it also helps keep your gums healthy. * You do not need to do anything to polish your teeth with this vinegar. Just take half a teaspoon apple vinegar in a cup of water and brush your teeth with the help of your toothbrush until your teeth are completely clean. As you remove the stains of teeth, gradually your teeth will glow

But before using it, you must take special care of certain things. Know what they are - 

1. Use the apple vinegar to stir the bottle well, then use it only. 

2. Molasses without water can be harmful because it is naturally acid. 

3. Avoid excessive use of it, and do not use it more than once a day. Otherwise, it can damage the surface of your teeth.
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