Summer hack for your face.

                   Summer hack for your face.                               

1. Use aloe vera face wash.
I am using this face wash daily and it helps me a lot to reduce sunburn and dark skin due to sun.

2.use umbrella ☂️
Okay you are not comfortable to use umbrella but remember nobody sees even your ex when you cover your face with umbrella. I am just joking but try to carry umbrella it's very helpful when it comes to sunburn.

3.Drink plenty of water and carry water bottles .
Did you remember growing up as a kid and using water bottle okay if yes then you know how to handle it if not start taking water bottles with you you can carry up to 1 litre to 1/2 litre.

4. Before going outside Use suncreams and many other product which helps to maintain your skin always away from harmful Ray's of sun .

That's it fellas will see you on next blog until then keep on hustling and remember don't forget to share our blog okay cutie pie bye.

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