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So if you are wondering to visit Nepal then you must know where you should spend your precious time.listen i know there are many blogs around the internet about Nepal but here i am  going to tell you about my personal experience on how i feel when i visit this places.i am living in Nepal for nearly 23 years so i have enough experience about the places around here.You must visit this temple if you are travelling nepal the temple known as pashupatinath temple.

 This temple is located at gaushala kathmandu near airport which is nearly 2 km away from is known for the hindu god lord shiva.Thousand of tourist visit this place every year because this is one of the world heritage site.The fee for tourist is also not costly here.You can visit  here by bus or by walking from airport .this place is famous for pilgrimage and other religious people around the world.This place gives you positive vibes and peaceful mind.

second is Soyambunath stupa This is very famous place for the buddhist people, this is one of the biggest stupa in the nepal .it is situated in soyambhu .you can easily get there by bus or by walking.if you love to hike then you have  to walk like 30 minutes from the road or if you want to drive by bus you can go by bus too.this place is very famous for the view of kathmandu is very famous for buddhist religion.those eyes of temple is know as eye of lord buddha.if you love peace you want to view kathmandu valley you must visit this place.

so these are my favourite places to visit in nepal if you want to know more about nepal i would be writing some other blogs too.

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