How to build strong personality.

How to build strong personality.

Look so we all here in earth Earth for a limited amount of time so we have to stay happy and healthy.everyone needs a happy and healthy life for that you must follow these 5 rules

1.the river rule
life is like a river sometimes we have to face a lot of harmful things in our life.we have to keep on going until we reach the ocean.

2.stop giving attention

When you stop caring about the people then you will start to realize how much you have done wrong in your life.

3.Do not run for number

Life is not always about how much money you have it depends on how you are living with that money.

4.Everyone didn't need to know you

It doesn't matter how many people knows you its upon how much happy you are with the people you have around you

5.Talk less do more .

Move like you are the most confident person in the whole world ,you know the people who used to talk more are lazy and always rant about their stupid things and guess what they ain't do nothing .

You have to move like a lion just keep eyes on your target and jump over it  you are the boss of your life you didn't have to tell about yourself to everyone they will know you from your presence  without telling anything.

So this are my personal suggestions for you to make yourself strong and wiser person I was also dumb and shy person while growing up and I start to feel better when I start to do what I like.
I didn't take anything for granted ,I do what ever I wanna do i just go get it.

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